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If I got your question right, then that's easily done:
With function "Add Tension" active, Liquid Notes will produce additional notes. So for instance, when you change a simple Cmaj for a Cmaj7(9), you will then hear C-E-G-B-D.
"Add Tension" may be applied to any track in the piece, also more than just one. With chord tracks the effect will come out best.
Actually no,

I was thinking that if the program could output a channel (separate) of just the chord progression with say some fine tuning option to choose how big the chords are (eg 5,6+ keys).

Sometime if you are working with a arrangement that only has 2-3 parts of melodies you will still be stuck up for choosing the backing chords. You may not be able to define the true sound of the Chord while only hearing 2-3 melody parts

The 'add tension' aspect is cool though, which works great on chord tracks.