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Originally Posted by Greg Wells
Let me preface this post by saying one of my favorite Peter Gabriel tracks is called "Shaking the Tree".

When legendary producer Bob Ezrin told me that the Digi 192 interfaces absolutely sounded better than the new Apogee interfaces, I paid attention. Bob's produced a few little records... had some minor success (Dark Side of the Moon, anyone?).

In the spirit of tree shaking... my 192's clocked to a Big Ben and recording at 96k, sound better to me than tape. Gulp. Don't get me wrong - I adore recording analog and resisted Pro Tools until a few years ago. But this current combination wins.

Thanks Greg,

Well, I don't have a PT HD system. I'm still using a Mix system with 5 mix farms, and I track at 44.1khz.

I just don't know if going with the Apogee X series interfaces will really make such a difference with my setup. It just seems to reason that if you can't take advantage of the 96khz sample rate that you won't get out of that interface what it has to offer.

That's why I'm wondering what difference a BB would make with my rig. Could it really improve the D/A on stock Apogee AD8000s or the older Apogee DA16s ? I have already tracked a great sounding project thru an AD8000, using a wide assortment of top notch mics, pres, and compressors -- in some really BIG sounding rooms! Plus, my band's sound uses alot of MIDI samplers, which is why I decided to plop down $20K on a real console (Trident 80 series).

All my sequenced MIDI stuff will go straight into the board and totally bypass being digitally recorded until the final mix. So I'm just looking for 32 channels of D/A that will do justice to the great tracks that we have already tracked into PT.

I don't think I'm as much of an audiophile as many others on here. I like the way the AD8000 sounds on A/D, so I'm sure I'll be happy with it's D/A as well.

I'll probably end up buying 3 more AD8000 units, or 1 AD8000 and 1 DA16. Maybe I'll get a BB just to see if the D/A can be improved all that much.