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Originally Posted by Peter Montessi

That was Avedis's Camera heh

Peter Montessi
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What!?! I wasn't even allowed in that room! ... I walked into the potluck room with camera in hand and was told (nicely) no one was allowed until the event I wanted to take a picture of all that gear so bad. Instead, I went outside and took pictures of the desert

But the EM Gold does look more gold-ish to me than green-ish, so maybe Peter's right about ya'll adjusting your monitors.. but yeah it is a crappy photo anyway. I'll see if someone else has another pic and post it.

I know that photography in general needs expertise to do right. If you look at the faceplate photo of the E27, like on Tony's site, you'd think they were drawn in the computer - but those are actual photos done by someone who knows what he's doing... and he was a great recording engineer before! thumbsup