thread: are you happy?
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Old 6th September 2002
Yes, an interesting question. I am happy. In the grateful way explained above. I love being an engineer and I am happy to do it. Sure owning your own business has its ups and downs (especially no guaranteed paycheck) but it beats working at Burger King. I had some of the same feelings you did Alph a few years back and the same marital dismay. I stopped spending money on the studio and I quit getting high and drinking too much. Now I do my best work and my head is clear and I can easily see my goals each day. My wife is very happy that I am bailing us out of debt and not incurring more and even more happy that she is talking to her husband and not a giddy zombie. I just had our first child (as you remember) and she is absolutely wonderful. Still, I am not perfect and I think we always have things that bother us to keep improving ourselves. Things are great right now even though the economy is tough and I can't buy all the wonderful toys I see. My recordings are actually constantly improving even though I haven't bought anything new because I am focusing on improving my technique not my mic locker. I hope this might give you some insight. You love what you do and I hope you keep on loving it.