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Need to mix it up.

Thanks Himalaya for the critique. You make a good point. There could be many occasions where an Osc 1 level pot would be very useful. I thought about it initially, but not in the way you did, so it was not included.
We've not yet finalized all the pcbs, so we can make a last minute tweak. We'll put the Osc 1 and 2 level controls together at the bottom and move the Env1 to PW1 in the envelope section. You've helped to make our little beast better. A special deal for your own Boomstar is yours. Call or email me. Uh oh, I'm in trouble now. I've opened the door to more...

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Originally Posted by himalaya
"Osc mixer is rather lacking though. Only Osc 2 volume is provided. I can see a situation where I'd have a PWM lead on Osc 1 and a triangle lead on Osc 2, and I'd want to use one or the other during a live performance. It can't be done, it's either Osc1 alone, or Osc1+2 together. There is plenty of space at the top for the inclusion of two volume knobs (the tiny ones)."

Otherwise great news!