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Right, I was talking about the s900, which is 12 bit

But I'm pretty sure that plenty of the people whose sounds are inspiring me at the moment used s1000s, so 12bit vs 16 bit processing shouldn't be THAT big of an issue
You need to make your own mental picture of what the difference is by comparing. I think of S1000/1100 as more flexible than 900/950, yet still nicely papery coloured for drums and woody for chords. And sweet as when you eq after. Like say put a kick in an S1000/1100 and an S3000/3200. The 3000 will sound bigger off the bat. But it won't have the paper or the wood. It will be nice and direct but in a more shiny DAT machine sounding way. And once you have boosted bass back onto the S1000 kick and some sizzle on top it RULES, far nicer than 3000 series.

The 900/950 is a little grittier. Nice too, but I have a DSS-1 which gives me a better flavour of 12bit grit IMO. And sweet analog filters. Another nice 12bit is original EPS (or was it 13...). But I'd start with an S1000 or S1100. S1100 is 'better', more output, 'better' converters....but I'm not sure I like it better.....