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I'm pretty sure the sound you are looking for you cannot get using software alone. I've tried Soundtoys, PSP etc and while nice they never got that "real" sounding "grit" you get from hardware. Some of the metallicness of your sound might even come from your duet, which sounds a little "shiny" - some like the Apogee sound, I don't.

I would advice you to pick up an Akai that sounds either like the MPC 60 or the MPC 3000. The 60 and 3000 are widely considered the best sounding MPCs. The 2000 and later models are more about the workflow and less about the sound which is more transparent. The S1000 is inferior sounding too, I suppose.

The 3000 adds this cream / weight / punch to the sounds put in, but less crunch like the 60. Whle it's 16 bit, it's still lofi. It's sound and swing is what I'd call "instant deep house". 909 samples sound great in it!

Cheaper options, without the swing:

Akai S900 = MPC 60

S3000/S2800 = MPC 3000 (but not the S3000XL!)

I had the S2800 (it's the best bang for buck, if stereo is enough) and currently have the MPC 3000 and while never directly A/B'd them, they sounded pretty much the same in my ears.