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Originally Posted by apres garde View Post
Just checked ebay and an s1000 in good condition just went for $100. Sounds like it might be the solution I'm looking for!

And you know what I mean. 12 bit RESOLUTION haha

Just starting a new job so cash is a little tight, but that'll be my first splurge

Although I will feel a little guilty for using a classic piece of gear as basically an effect processor!
You will be stuck in a constant smile for a week after first trying it out. And you're not just going to use it as an effect processor, it'll be an instrument too, as once you've got a sample in there that will turn into chords you'll find yourself playing the keyboard, grinning, while that relief of 'having found a solution' trickles down your spine.....and then tweaking the cutoff over the MIDI playback onto audio......