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Originally Posted by sage691
So, you're implying that an AD & DA 16X at 44.1khz will still make my PT mix system sound better ? The reason I haven't considered them much is because I thought an HD system would be required to capture what they really can offer in improved sound.

Yes, Absolutely!

The increase in sample rate is not the only improvement that has happened to conversion. There will be an improvement when stepping up to the 16x series, even when using them at 44.1 & 48khz sample rates.

Also consider the longevity of your system. While you might not be using higher sample rates now, who's to say you won't be in the future? The AD8000 is fast approaching a decade in age, thats one heck of a lifetime for any digital gear...

Perhaps you should try some out? Doesn't mercenary have demo units or the likes? Maybe see if you can get a hold of a rosetta800 (atleast with the R800 you can roughly compare both A/D & D/A) or the 16x series to make a few comparisons.

I 100% agree with you about the usefulness of tape's sound, I guess I was more miffed by the conclusion that digital conversion doesn't yet sound like tape. Digital has had a greater dynamic range than tape, and has so for quite some time... I think in its ongoing improvement, digital will just keep moving away from tape altogether. Different tools, different strokes... insert whatever opinion orientated cliche you desire.