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Old 20th June 2006
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Inkel Mixers

Hey mate - I've had a Inkel MX-1600 mixer sitting around for about four years.

I've only just started to use it now I have a couple of mics and a decent computer to record sound.

Inkel is now Inter-M which i a Korean Company. The Inkel desks were made in Korea. I scoured forums for hours trying to find info on them - finally I did and I learnt alot!

Still would like to know more though. Does anyone have and Inkel Mixer??? I after a manual for my one. I checked out you find a few mauals. I actually found one for an MX-1100 - smaller than mine but I'm guessing same make-up and specs.

Any ideas ideas anyone?? Should I flick it off and by a nice new digi mixer???
Bear in mind I'm new to recording and learning an analog desk wouldn't be any great disadvantage!