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Old 20th June 2006
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Can Big Ben make 888-24 D/As sound as good as a stock AD8000 ?

Just thought I'd check to see if anybody else here has already done this experiment and what results they heard ?

I'll soon be mixing an album into a Trident console with alot of good outboard patched in. I've recorded all of the songs' tracks already through a stock Apogee AD8000. So my A/Ds were all Apogee which I did notice was a vast improvement over the Digi 888 A/D.

I'm just wondering, with the BB clock as the master, could it improve the D/A resolution of an 888-24 interface enough where it would do justice to these great tracks we have recorded, or should I just go with all Apogee D/A ? I'm asking because I need 3 more interfaces with 8 analog outs. This is how I intend to get 32 outs from PT going into the console.

I could either purchase 3 more AD8000s, or save $1k or so buying the BB and 3 888-24 interfaces.

Has anyone tried the BB specifically with the D/A on Digi 888s ? Is this really an option, or did I just read somes hyped up article about how great the BB could make an 888 sound ? Is this a corner that should not be cut ?

Remember, I'm only concerned with D/A and not A/D.