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And since pictures seem to help in this world, take a look at some of these...

itunes sales charts - Google Search

Then take a look at singles sales. It's like the beginning of the music business all over...

What is "the industry" btw? Put a finger on that pulse and we'll see what Billy is bitching about.
Good Greif. Really?

Individual song sales did not exist until 2003. Anything looks like a net positive when the baseline is zero.

But even including individual song sales into the whole, over all music sales are still down by over 60%.

What you fail to see is that there are less opportunities for professional careers, not more. If you never plan on supporting yourself through music of course you dont care if there's money in it, or not. That makes you a hobbyist by choice or circumstance.

You can believe a lie if you like, but you wont have a professional career doing it.

I am always amazed at how offended hobbyists are of the truth.