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Neither do I. I disagree with most of what he said.
He's a right to say what he wants, and his vast experience at all levels gives him even more right, whether you and others think he can't sing and his band sucked or not.
No one has any more right to an opinion than anyone else. And as to experience, it can be a double edged sword. If an idiot is chugging along year after year, and then joins a forum to share that experience, it's going to be rightly ignored by those with an eyes-brains connection.

Someone gnawing away at a problem from inside of the problem, sees only the immediate substance and mechanics of the problem itself.

Someone with no experience walks up and from outside the problem, spots what's wrong and offers a solution.

To the burping cat calls of the experienced. "Who are you?" Who do you know?" "What have you done?" "Let's see your badge before we turn your mic on."

Everyone has experience. Life is an experience. It depends on what a person decides to do. And for those who decide to "do" something with a known record of precious little chance of succeeding, you have to wonder as to the value of their hard won experience, and whether it'll be of any more value to others not dense enough to be lured into a roulette wheel of a business.