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that is completely, totally, and factually not true. the pie is less than half the size it was.

Music's lost decade: Sales cut in half in 2000s - Feb. 2, 2010

Are they supporting themselves with a professional career with those smaller slices? I doubt it. Billy didn't have a day job...
You're both right and the reason is because you are talking about two different things. The "record business" is a piece of the "music business".

There is more money in the "music business" than ever before. The "record business" is in a coma with an unknown prognosis.

The thing is, there have been professional musicians for thousands of years without selling recordings of their music. It may end up that the record business is an 80-100 year aberration.

Maybe artist development, that went from the majors to the indies, will go from the indies to the Summer tours, like Warped and Bamboozle etc, and new ones that don't yet exist.