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Originally Posted by chrisso View Post
Who said I was? I didn't.
You act that way at every chance you get....

So you are posting aggressively and negatively but you don't even know what we're discussing. Nice.
I made an obvious if Billy Corgan would read anything here or give a ****...

you on the other hand, acted "negatively and aggressively" to every single person here....

As in this and one or two other debates on the forum, people are actually reading your posts, responding to them and by and large posting thought through comments based on their own actual experience.
Increasingly all you seem to be interested in is pulling those people down a peg or two
That's right!! I already explained why, didn't I...

....... as well as abusing the available palette of smiley's.
Right again...but no happy smileys for you and your pal!!