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I remember this d-bag yelling about how bad people needed labels to get the Pearl Jam's of the world out to them. People forget a few things- Skip James was located by sending a letter to the postmaster of Avalon because those revivalist guys heard the name of the town in a song. 30+ years of farming (after recording ceased post-depression) didn't screw with his music. I would certainly not compare him to Billy Corgan that fool who asked Pete Seeger for his guitar. Miles Davis considered himself the first black man to make big money in the industry, before that musicians generally got enough to get by and get high. Rock Stars are dicks and we could use a lot fewer of them. DIY now dubbed Indie was sparsely documented and payed for out of pocket because people gave a **** about some things in this country called music and community. Funny how few Jello Biafras you get post-matador (not to take anything from Fugazi) and how political action and anti-authoritarianism became as hip as herpes around the same time Nirvana created post-political profit punk. **** off, and take your unicorns with you. Mwahahaheh.