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blues people where homeless that's how they got the feeling to write music.
now every musicians want to have a billion dollar house on the hills,and it is standard
Chrisso doesn't get it. He thinks everyone on his level is entitled to make a living at music. Well he's wrong. No offense to Chis I know of his work and it is impressive but I personally know loads of musicians that are as good as him if not better and never made a dime, and ya know what? they are not in least bit bitter or resentful. Since some people look at misc as being art. Yeah really......

Looking back at my 'career' in music some of the worst musicians I played with made the most money. I never made a dime in music and I am not the least bit resentful of that aspect. Music is art. If you can make money at it, it's a bonus. If not ... oh well. That's life. Billy Corgan is a horrible vocalist who based on vocal talent should not have made a dime but that's life, he did

the world is a vampire..........

Musical talent is not a measure of monetary wealth, but is is surely a measure of your artistic wealth in the universe
a guy like corgan should be thankful he made $anything$ at all. He has talent but so does everyone else. He sings like a half dead coyote. He stole all his riffs from Iommi. But he was lucky