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The Beta 58, love that thing. Those and 57s' exclusively make a nice warm sounding record. It's funny when people discard the beta58 for it's common man reputation. As if a Fender Stratocaster is no longer a desireable sound/instrument cause it's sold a GC. stike

But really, the beta 58 to me has always souned nice on everything i've mic'd with it. It probably lets in more high end on bass cabs and other things than neccesary, but not really too much......that's where alot of the air push from amps resides anyway..... If your in to that type of thing.
57's I agree, but I wouldn't call a Beta 58 warm ... strident and harsh maybe. I much prefer the 58 ... or better still, the SM7B. The Betas are good for 'cutting through' on a noisy stage ... more about open warfare than vintage music making.