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Have you contacted Guido about this!? I also have this same problem here on the exact same setup and VB3 is the only vsti that has this issue. I also have Mr Ray mkII and Mr Tramp mkII from the same company and neither of these have this issue!

I contacted Guido and he point blankly refused to accept that it was anything to do with VB3 and that it had to be my setup. He said I;m the only person to have this problem and that is that!!

This has made me quite mad because the company has refused to look into this further for me and I find it extremely poor customer support!!!!

I find it quite ridiculous that Guido says it must be something wrong with my setup despite all his other plugins working fine here!!
I had this problem too with some of the GSi plugins. As stated above, Mr Ray mkII always worked perfectly on my setup too. In the end I just put all of the soundfonts (legacy) Plungins in a seperate folder and attached them to jbridge. Since then I havent had any issues.

I'm using WIN-7 64bit, Cubase 6.05 32bit and Samp 11 on a Q9550+Asus P5QL-E.

Apart from the issues stated above these plugins sound really good.