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Old 11th March 2012
I think as a business model Tunecore is pretty transparent. They charge you for a service, and they provide that service. My problem with Tunecore is Jeff Price who wants people to think that with a $50 a year Tunecore account bedroom hobbyists are competing in the record business...

Tunecore is selling a straight forward transactional business. Jeff Price is selling the dream of stardom in a misleading way. What's worse is he really doesn't even understand a lot of the things he criticizes like Soundscan Reporting. Probably because the majority of people that use Tunecore won't make back their $50 per year per album, and certainly won't recover their recording costs.

Tunecore exists for as long as people want to have the vanity to support self releasing records, which is fine. But Jeff wants people to believe the distribution through Tunecore is more than just placing albums on Itunes, Amazon, etc, and it's not.

In this thread, Jeff joined in the discussion on GS:
TuneCore Stats...?