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Great. I'm the other person that has reported this to Guido but I don't think I said it crashes Cubase. My problem is exactly the same as yours and it seems to be related to Cubase 6 32bit running on Windows 7 64bit?

The noise that appears sounds like the Leslie on steroids!?

Also the audio disappears like you mentioned!
Hi, dickiefunk

No, the sound is more like an AC outlet hum at a high level and with more "harmonics" in it (if I can say so...). As it appears suddenly, like an organ depressed key, at very high level, it is quite traumatic. I put a limiter as insert on my main outputs, at least in the tracking stage, to avoid any harm either gear or audition related.

Beside this, I sent the 'culprit' template to Guido and he answered me twice today. It appears that everything is working as expected and he tried it both on Cubase 6.0.4 and 6.0.5, downloading and installing the latter for this. He seems at lost for a solution and quite anxious about the next version.

The problem is that the issue occurs suddenly from nowhere at any time, which could means after few hours of working on a project, but if I remember well, always after a rather significant amount of time, let's say after one hour. So, I begin to wonder if there could not be a memory problem, something like a leak which would be suddenly revealed this way. Another thing could be Cubase preferences corruption, but then why does the noise appear only onla VB3 track ? I don't know.


EDIT : perhaps you could send also to Guido a project which showed the issue. Who knows ? Guido might find something in common between the two that could give him a clue.