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Hi all,

I got a rather in-depth answer from Guido which came quickly yesterday afternoon. I won't retranscribe the whole mail, but here are the main points :

- he confirmed that he got another inquiry about this and the other report was describing Cubase crashing. In my case Cubase doesn't exactly crash but, after deleting the instrument track, you can't get a single sound from it anymore, no matter which instrument you try to use which means that I have to close Cubase and relaunch it. Stupidly, I forgot to precise this to him : my bad...

- He obviously read this thread and want to reassure VB3 users : he is working on a 2.0 version for this year and is even considering a 64 bits version after its release as a 32 bits one. These are great news for me, as I love the VSTis that he released until now and it seems that they have a future.

- He is unable to reproduce the problem despite having a lot of users working with Cubase also. As he now got two reports, he is going to try to work on it again. At this point, I think that the best thing to do is help him, somehow : I'm going to reply to him with my Cubase template project joined.

- He suggested a workaround : instead of loading VB3 in an instrument track, maybe it is better to load it from the VST instrument rack (F11) , without creating the MIDI track in the same process (this one should be created manually after, like we used to do in the SL/SX days), saying that not all plugins initialize correctly in an instrument track. I admit that I always use VB3 in an instrument track so this is, at least, worth experimenting.

So I'm going to reply to him with my bundled template project, hoping that he will find something useful in it. At this point, I must say that I'm quite happy about his attitude : he seems at least opened to consider the problem and quickly answered to my inquiry. Now, let's see what the future brings.

Great. I'm the other person that has reported this to Guido but I don't think I said it crashes Cubase. My problem is exactly the same as yours and it seems to be related to Cubase 6 32bit running on Windows 7 64bit?

The noise that appears sounds like the Leslie on steroids!?

Also the audio disappears like you mentioned!