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Any love for the Combo Model V ... I'm not affiliated and why would I be since it's free, but for any real organ-head, it's better than anything else I've ever come across in a lifetime of trying? Any other opinions welcome so others can search and see what they think (since we seem to have concluded which B3 emulation is best although I IMHO don't think the favorite is much better than logic's own plug - I reckon this is swayed by PC users who don't have the access - I think they're on a par roughly). Maybe I should have started a VOX Farfisa thread, but I think this is a fair enough place to raise the question
I downloaded both the free organs and I have to say that they sound great. Between these and VB3 I have a wealth of colors now. Between the plugins in this thread and Pianoteq w/keys addon I'm all set now. Maybe a modeled bowed string synthesizer too if I find one that isn't $200.