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Originally Posted by _Mark ➡️
I've seemed, though, to have read many significantly negative reviews for TuneCore, for them to be a very LARGE scam, even though they leave a lot of room for earnings. Can anyone share an experience they have encountered with them, or maybe some opinions?
I use Tunecore , and they are certainly not a scam. I never had any issues with them , and in fact the few times i used their support , i was pretty impressed by the reactivity. I think what pissed a lot of users ( me included ) about Tunecore was their sudden 150% price increase. They got a lot of heat about that.

However , as some already noted here , they will not do marketing or any ancilliary services. All they do is put your album/singles into digital stores , and Amazon CD on-demand services. And they allow you to choose to opt-out from the ones you don't want, contrary to some other aggregators where it's an "all-or-nothing" affair.