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Hi, dickiefunk

Thanks for your answer. I admit I didn't try to contact him about it yet, but your post entices me to do so. Will do this afternoon and keep you informed about it.


EDIT : I just sent him the following message, in the 'Contact' area of GSi site :

Hi Guido,

This mail to present you an issue about VB3 that I have since the 1.4 version. Sometimes, and it happens quite often in an erratical way, I get a loud sustained noise, similar to a AC hum when using a template with Cubase in which VB3 is involved. The only way to get rid of it is removing the instrument track dedicated to it.

I couldn't pinpoint yet what can trigger the problem, as it arises even without using Vb3 itself. It's the only VSTi that brings this problem and I also own a licence for MrRay MkII, which works flawlessly and is one of my most used VSTi.

I didn't contact you yet but, as it seems that I'm not the only one who got the problem (see the following link : B3 emulators in 2012), I would like to know if you could do something about it, as I really like what VB3 delivers.

My setup :

DAW : i870 - Asus P7P55D-E - 8 Gb DDR3 RAM - 2 x 1 Tb Black Caviar SATAII drives - Win 7/64 Pro | EMu 1616m PCIe + Behringer ADA8000
Soft : Cubase 6.0.4 | Emulator X3 | TruePianos | GSi VB3 + MrRay MkII | Alchemy | Sylenth1 | Arturia MMV | Jamstix...
Gear : VMK-188+ keyboard | Korg 05R/W | Roland D-110 | Yamaha TX-802 | Akai ME30P MIDI patchbay | ARP Odyssey | Korg MS20 | Zoom G9.2tt guitar board...

Thanks for any information.

P.S.: is there a 64 bits version planned in a more or less near future ?

Will keep you informed about any answer...