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Originally Posted by cubic13 View Post
I fully agree with those who praise VB3. There are 2 problems, though :

- in my setup (Cubase 6-32 bits under W7pro-64), I get sometimes a horrible loud noise with it. I have to quickly remove the instrument track dedicated to it when it happens. The issue is arising erraticaly and it's the only VSTi that gives me this kind of trouble.
Have you contacted Guido about this!? I also have this same problem here on the exact same setup and VB3 is the only vsti that has this issue. I also have Mr Ray mkII and Mr Tramp mkII from the same company and neither of these have this issue!

I contacted Guido and he point blankly refused to accept that it was anything to do with VB3 and that it had to be my setup. He said I;m the only person to have this problem and that is that!!

This has made me quite mad because the company has refused to look into this further for me and I find it extremely poor customer support!!!!

I find it quite ridiculous that Guido says it must be something wrong with my setup despite all his other plugins working fine here!!