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I fully agree with those who praise VB3. There are 2 problems, though :

- in my setup (Cubase 6-32 bits under W7pro-64), I get sometimes a horrible sustained loud noise with it. I have to quickly remove the instrument track dedicated to it when it happens. The issue is arising erraticaly and it's the only VSTi that gives me this kind of trouble.

- Still waiting for a 64 bits version. I keep using Cubase in its 32 bits flavour because of it (and GSi MrRay MkII, which is completely stable, by the way...). And the last version is the 1.4 one which is not exactly recent : seems more and more like abandonware to me, sadly.

So, for its pure sonic quality, yes, VB3 is the best, but... (see the above). I wouldn't mind paying 50 euros again for a 64 bits version which eradicates the loud noise issue.