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Old 18th June 2006
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OK, many differing opinions on this subject as usual on this board.

I'll probably end up getting both units -- the Big Ben to clock all my other interfaces to, and the Lavry as the 2 ch. converter that recieves my console's outs at 96khz into the masterlink. It seems that, at least for now, there is no better digital way than this to make the final 2 track mixes. Why not record at 96khz if you can -- that's my logic. Yeah, we're still listening to 44.1 CDs now but the 96khz generation is coming probably sooner than we think.

And I'll still probably record a seperate set of all the song mixes on 1/2" analog tape, then let the mastering engineer decide between digital and analog on different songs.

Once I'm finished mixing, I'll probably sell the BB and keep the Lavry I'm sure!