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first let me thank you all! your feedback is really helpful, and my next recording will surely be better because of you! thumbsup

Originally Posted by larsfarm
The harpsichord mics also contribute to the reverb as well as her own mic (set to omni). That noise could be something else.
I think you got it wrong there, the singer was in between the mics and the harpsichord, she had no special mic...

Originally Posted by larsfarm
The soundonsound article you mentioned was made in a concert hall with a very different and controlled reverb.
I know tthat but it was what sounded best of the few tests we did ;o)

T.RayBullard : I aggree totaly that the harpsichord needs some more presence when with the singer, but it indeed would require some cheating, as if one hears the performance it would not be that way...

sonare : great insights!!

ab3 : i'll try that next time

But the main point was to record principally the harpsichord, so I'll post one more clip where it is alone and I find even if there is a lot of ambiance, it does make the piece sound very nice.. It's the prelude from Louis Couperin in imitation of Froberger

one can hear a car at 0:35....great! fortunately that doesn't happen a lot