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thanks for taking time to reply ;o)
the reverb was hard to handl, because if I was to close to the instrument, it lacked body and too far it had not enough direct tell frankly I didn't test right in the harpsichord because we lacked time.
the rumble is not cars, maybe sometimes....because it's in the old city and there's not much passage, so it's mostly there because of my preamps, and maybe mics ,'cause the gain was quite high..maybe something else, I don't know

preamps and ad was my tascam fw1884, and the mics were a shure pg81 pair and a akg 414

the 81's were placed almost similar to the sound on sound link provided a few post back, maybe a tad further, but I used them in xy
the 414 was in omni at the 3rd row at approx 1m50 from ground looking directly at the haspichord, but is lower in the mix...this one got a lot of the very long reverb from all side...

for now i have no pics, maybe i'll post some if I don't get them in 2 years..