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Originally Posted by rock thomas View Post
I agree there is definitely a need for more midi composition tools like this. If the price indicates the R&D for this type of product that might be the reason there isn't as many options available already.
I think you nailed a point.
This is a somewhat new territory so this means there isn't a lot to build upon.

So this means they have to start from scratch and that always costs.

Anyway I think this is a great first tool...

I think if you really need this kind of tool the cloud operation wouldn't bother you that much. If you live or work remotely you can always have a small modem.

I imagine it wouldn't cost that much for the amount of data exchange needed.

As long as it protects their investment and allows them to make more great software I understand why they chose to go on the cloud path.
Hopefully going on a cloud based system means less piracy and less support costs.

And really I can't think of a single software that does what this thing does...