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Originally Posted by sage691

But can somone still answer the question of whether or not the Lavry can perform these 2 tasks SIMULTANEOUSLY:

1) serve as the master clock for my Apogee AD8000 and 3 Digi 888-24 I/O units



2) serve as the main A/D converter from my console's main outs to the Masterlink ???? In other words, can it do both of these things at the same time successfully ??

Another yes. When you buy a Lavry Blue stereo A/D converter, it comes standard with the clock....if it didn't the A/D wouldn't work properly. The clock itself is called the M-sync. It's two little cards that go inside the Lavry 4496 enclosure. The Msync has a BNC wordclock output that will clock whatever you send it to (good suggestions from John above). The stereo A/D converter operates independently of the clock (although everything MUST be at the same sample rate, I mentioned that above as being one advantage of the Big Ben which you may or may not need -example: A/D is @ 44.1khz sampling rate, so is the clock, and so must be the rest of your system that is clocked off the Lavry Msync).