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Originally Posted by I-Quality
any comment would really be appreciated...
Thank you for your samples. Appreciated!

I'm not really qualified to criticize your recordings because I have yet to catch the instrument in a way that I'm fully satisfied with myself. But since no one else steps up... Take my comments for what they are, just a matter of taste. One thing that strikes me is that you do have caught a nice tone from the instrument with detail and bottom. Still there is too much reverb to my taste. This goes for both samples. Instrument and singer. Like you I've recorded more than my share of disturbing noises from the environment. The rumble, is it traffic or what? I'm not really disturbed by the electronic noise floor that you mentioned.

Could you provide details of your setup? What mics? Where were they placed? Distance from harpsichord? Height? Distance and angle between mics? etc


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