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Originally Posted by HiRaX
I bought 2 Planar 19" VGA LCDs from tiger direct...They are complete pieces of garbage and my eyes burn looking at them. God don't ever buy planar monitors. 1 dead pixel is very annoying too..

Newegg rocks, I order parts for my pcs from there all the time. Their customer service is great..

Yeah, I KNOW Tigerdirect, sigh...sorry that happened....I have bought computer parts from Newegg for years, and know them to rock, but they DO specify that LCD monitors may have 1-8 dead pix which they do not consider cause for return...even though, I kinda figure they would do it anyway, knowing them.

Being a control freek, I ended up going to Fry's a couple nights back, and Lo and Behold, I found two Dell-based 19" monitors, on sale for $169 each, AND, with each purchase that week only, of a 19" monitor, I got a free printer (a mid level $60 printer, not bad).

So, I pulled each one out, tested it, compared it to 10 high$ ones, bought them, and walked with $120 in free printers.

Hmm....anyone wanna buy a printer?? Only $80!!! LOL.