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Originally Posted by sage691
I hear even ****ty 15 year old CD players with digital ins & outs sound WAY better with the Big Ben.
Look, I am not saying people are not hearing it, only that it goes contrary to scientific evidence.

Even if a clock output would be 100% accurate out from the BB it does not help. The clock has to travel down a cable. It has to be received by that sloppy CD players circuits. It has to be synced by the circuits inside the CD player. Those circuits has to convert the signal to a usable clock frequency inside the CD player, generally something like 256 times the sampling frequency. All this is done using black-art stuff called phase-locked loops and similar.

Now, tell me with a straight face that the ****ty CD player has circuits that are capable of doing this with quality.

Secondly, if this was really true, how come the BB web site is not full of repeatable measurements of the reduction in jitter over a large selection of typical audio interfaces? It is actually simple to measure using not very expensive equipment. Personally I call it marketing. Start with a good product, make it great by marketing.