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Old 15th June 2006
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Running the API into the insert should work fine. You would just connect the tip of the ouput to whatever the return is (usually ring) on the Mackie.
I'm not sure how the routing on the Mackie works in conjunction with the A/D converter, but you could get an even more direct signal patch by patching the API out into the main board L/R insert or a 2 track retrun... either of these should send it straight to the master fader. If you're recordiing one track at a time, that is.
But even if you just run straight into the line input, unless you completely and outrageously tank the gain staging on the Mackie it should sound loads better.
I can't imagine that the 7600 would be a bad purchase or something you would outgrow. If you buy it, just use your ears to find the best sounding routing. It might be that running it straight into the line input and bypassing the EQ sounds best, without actually using these pieces together it's all just theory.