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Old 15th June 2006
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hey I've done it

so yesterday was the day....

actually everything didn't go smooothly, as usual lol, forgot cables, mics not working etc so we didn't have a lot of time to experiment, but the result is not too bad I guess a part from the room noise...

well anyway here is a sample (no processing a part from some gain...)

some mid 18th century music

so now let's talk some more heh

I had quite some gain problem, now I really have to get a premium high gain low noise...with my fw1884 I couldn't push the preamps more because at 8/10th of maximum gain it gets when the harpsichord is playing it's maxing out at -33db and when there was applause and the singer it was at -12, now that is dynamic! so maybe I woudn't even need more gain.....
hmmm I just retested and it's more at 6/10th, maybe noise was added from them damn it...ok I'm quite sure now :(((((( I need a real preamp..and money

in this clip I cheated on the applause at the end, which you can hear do you guys go 'roud this?

for the sound well I'm waiting for some comments ;P

for myself I think there is quite a lot of ambiance but it could be okay if there was less standing/ground/room noise(hmm how do you call that)
the harpsichord is quite mono with the verb making it take place...maybe a bit off center to the right
again maxbe some will say it lacks some body...hmm dunno how I could improve that, just a little boost at 130 and it gets some more body but also more crap...mic placement hmm
ok I'm looking forward for you guys comments ;)