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Old 15th June 2006
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Thanks for replying pulse, you really have me thinking now.
First off I'm a novice to recording and my mixer is fairly new to me. I agree that a signal from the 7600 straight to a good A/D converter would be the way to go, but I would have to sell the mixer and may regret that down the road. The inserts may be worth a try, they by-pass the pre's and low cut filter and come in before the EQ, (which can be by-passed and are useless when the firewire card is in use).
So here is what the manual says about how the signal flows with the inserts:

"Inserts are 1/4" TRS jacks which provide a send and return point. Used to connect a serial effects devices such as compressors, equalizers, de-essers, filters etc. The insert points are after the gain and low cut controls, but before EQ and fader controls. The send tip is low-impedance, capable of driving any device. The return (ring) is high impediance and can be driven by almost any device."

Anyone see a potential problem brewing here?