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Old 15th June 2006
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I dunno, I kinda disagree in theory though I have neither of these devices, so take this with a grain of salt...
Using the API mic pre and eq would be loads better than using the Mackie's. Any possible coloration imparted by the Mackie line input with the EQ circuit disengaged (if this is possible on an Onyx) would be slight compared to what it would have been if using the Mackie mic pres and eq.
I mean, ideally you'd want to go from the 7600 straight into a nice A/D (never tried the Mackie so I don't know how good it is) but I don't think the Mackie would even come close to crapping your signal up to a horrible degree. If the line inputs on the Mackie don't sound good, I would definitely try the main inserts as they might a more direct signal to the A/D conververter.