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Just a note...

It's not always the big stores.

My friend and I have been looking for a 6.5" Supraphonic for awhile. He goes to this local drum shop and asks if they have any. They have new 6.5" chrome over brass Ludwigs and the guy told my friend this was what he was looking for. Buddy mentioned that he was looking for essentially the Bonham snare, steel version. Guy behind the counter said this was the Bonham snare. Buddy told the guy no, Bonham never played a chrome over brass. Guy insisted he did. Buddy said no.

Guy behind counter, rather than admitting the customer is always right (which in this case my friend WAS) kept trying to argue with said friend.

Friend left and ordered snare from an online company without the GC initials.

Elitist attitude from my friend? Possibly. But, you don't mess with fact and if you are a clerk, you better know what you are talking about or admit that you might not know for sure.