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Old 23rd February 2012
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Which aggregator for distribution?

Hey guys, I've ran into a crossroads of distribution "crisis."
I have a single, the first I've ever released, that I would mainly like to have put onto the iTunes store. Browsing through Google, I've come down to a couple aggregators for getting my music copyrighted, onto markets, and such: CD Baby and TuneCore.
I've seemed, though, to have read many significantly negative reviews for TuneCore, for them to be a very LARGE scam, even though they leave a lot of room for earnings. Can anyone share an experience they have encountered with them, or maybe some opinions?
Overall, can you guys help me choose which one you believe will suit best, or even a totally different one? I'm not sure of the success rate the song may have, so the potential of profit is unknown.

Many thanks,