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Old 5th September 2002
Here for the gear

Definition of soul?

OK alpha,

i understand where you are coming from wrt the S. Dan stuff. Some of it , despite absolutely pristene work by Mr. Nichols is a bit laid back - but this is a style thing. But no soul? hmmm

I beleive that some of their stuff has got allot of soul.
My gold teeth II
Rose darling
Dr. Wu
Black cow
Deacon Blues
Third world man

I suppose I could go on for a bit.

You do seem really irritated by it though.

I think their lyrics , and arrangelments are generally super. yeah the laid back style is sometimes a drawback - but on balance I cant dislike that stuff at all.

This partly results form the fact that Fagen was never intending to be a singer- they just could not get any of their quirky songs coverd by other artists and did it themselves as a fallback.
I do think a more emotive singer would add something.

Care to better explain your feelings ?

What's the definition of soul??????