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Old 5th September 2002
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Alpha . . When I was young . . . I used to think this business was WHO I was . . . not that I was a human being with MANY parts . . . that happened to be IN this business. What the **** was I running from?

EVERYTHING revolved around this business . . . . EVERYTHING! I realized after getting straight (clean) that there are / were many other parts of me then just this business, as well as many parts of this world and universe.

I was obsessed with many things at the time . . drugs and alcohol, studio gear, on and on. I looked up the word obsession one day after I was clean, and it said an obsession is a "thought that over rides all other thoughts"

Man, that hit home . . . in other words, it (a thought) was controling me, not me controling it (life). I put other things in priority and it made my recording work better. If you hold on too tight to something you will squish the **** out of it. I lost my wife and everything else before I "GOT" it

Yea we have to work hard as hell . . . but we have to live too. I read somewhere early on . . "happiness is not about having what you want but wanting what you have" . . ****, at the time i couldn't see that . . I do now.