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Originally Posted by GilWave
This could be said of almost every music store on the planet - GC does not have an exclusive on this.

Yeah, but I come from a small town where you have a small store with maybe 1 or 2 kids making racket. The larger stores increase the insanity. So, in that regard, the DO have something over the smaller guys that is unsavory.

You'd of had to check your bags at Sam Ash Manhattan, too - though the person checking them may have looked like his night gig was being the doorman at CBGB's.
I guess I shouldn't talk. I was in 2 day old jeans, rock n roll t shirt, hadn't shaved in 5 days. He probably thought similar things about me:

('look at that dude, trying to look 'not cool. probably takes him twice as long to look scruffy as it does me to look rock)