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Lives for gear

Originally Posted by Faderjockey
Who is dealing with this and how?

Do you have it going up in your area?

Here in Maryland we are getting hit with a 72% increase.
Delaware got hit with I think 61%

It’s just crazy…running gear plus heat/AC lights…$$$$$

I think I need to hook up my DAW to an exercise bike and hire an assistant to pedal for me…
I'm in Maryland. Acourding to Pepco, the increase is 38%, not 72%

I think it begins June 15th. I received the notice a month ago, and have been taking extra care to turn off unused lights and have yet to use the AC in any part of my house except the studio. If you're really worried about it, take your current monthly bill, multiply by .38, divide by the number of hours of operation your studio runs in a month, and raise your hourly rate accourdingly.