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Test 2...Tape Head vs AC & CS

Ok...First, let me start off by saying. I'm not the GOD of plugins. What I say goes and all that other stuff. These are just some tests I done with the Massey Plugins that I, bought about a week ago. I bought all of them except the vt3(Not yet) because of all the great things that were said at Gearslutz and the DUC. I mentioned to Steven that I would test his plugins and tell him what i thought about them seriously. I know he comes here alot to check on feedback so, what better place to do it than here. I hope you guys don't mind. If so, please say so and I won't go further with the rest of my tests.

Well, with that out the way, here's what I thought about the Tape Head Plugin from Mr. Massey.
I put it up against my Analog Channel and my friends Crane Song plugin. I nor my friend, had any of the DUY plugin's to test with theplugins we had at this time. Sorry.

To keep this one shorter than the last one. I will just go in order of what I think is the best to last.

1. Analog Channel- This plugin sounded more open and had more of a tape warmth than the others. I put the drive on blast and just raised the output and it gave it a great sound. Something I've never tried. I also like when you give it input with the drive all the way up. Very nice sound. Try it on the Master with the channel levels real low and the master on 0. Then pull up the input on the AC. I like.

2. The Crane Song "Phoenix"- Has great harmonics. Also kept the high end nicely. The lowend was great too. Also, I noticed that it bumps up the volume about 3 to 5 db. So I had to match everything to the Crane Song's volume. I didn't really get a chance to try to push all of these plugins to the fullest but, this one just had a sound that was big and warm. Nicely done.

3. Tape Head- This one is last but, that doesn't mean it sucked. It adds a darkness to the sound big time on low level audio when the drive is pushed to the tilt. When I put it on bright that's when it came alive. It added a mid range to the highs that was weird but, good not to bad. I heard that he's going to have an update to this plugin as well so I don't know if I will be able to A/B this to the Crane Song but, I could A/B it to the Analog Channel again if need be.

So over all, I'm still very very glad I got this plugin. I want to do more test with this one and push it to see what else it does. Also I would love to hear from anyone that's got any idea's of using it. I'm totally open to idea's!!! This just adds a different sound thats great to a mix honestly. Worth getting I think.

Again these are just my thoughts on this plugin. the Limiter 2007.....