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I needed just the same item, and didn't like what I saw on the market. I opted for a DIY stepped attenuator design. I had the chassis and a nice chickenfoot laying around already. I made another with a high quality dual gang pot instead of the steps, but I like the step design better, even though there was very little noticeable drift with the dual pot. I got the dual pot from my local electronics shop (a very good one, rare as hen's teeth...) on the cheap, as well as the stepped one, which cost me 15$ without the resistors soldered on. I have coarse steps on my knob, cause that's what I use, but I could have gone DIY cost was about 20$, not counting my own time. In that sense, I would have saved $ by simply buying a box from my wholesale supplier, but I like doing this kind of thing for fun.
EDIT: I concur with Granny G, above...