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Old 13th June 2006
Here for the gear

Talking use newegg with no worries

I'm a PC Tech and I've bought well over $10,000 of computer components, peripherals, and monitors from Newegg and only had 1 RMA on an Intel mobo that was fixed within the week from them.

There is nobody like them anywhere on earth when it comes to customer service. I had someone on the line (1-800 no less and not on my dime) within 10 minutes and they handled it immediately and even let me move to an ASUS board as the Intel was out of stock.

Don't hesitate to do business with, you'll wish everybody handled your business that well. All my shipments have shown up a day early, never had a late shipment from them. I don't buy computer parts and accessories from anyone else over the last 3 years, their prices are always the lowest.