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I had the 3124+ and sent it back in favor of a lunchbox and four 512Cs... Here's why:

One of the channels in the 3124 failed within a day of receiving the unit. I would have had to send the entire piece back to API for repair... that sucks! With a lunchbox, if one of the modules fails, you just send that one back, and keep the rest and keep working.

Portabilty. I didn't think I needed this, but as it turns out, I have loaned out my 512s to a friend of mine several times... easy to do with the lunchbox.

Versatility. I can add lots of 500-frame modules to the lunchbox as needed from lots of different vendors... pretty cool!

Value. If I get in a bind, I can always pull out a module and sell it (fat chance of that ever happening though!).

To my mind, it made much more sense to go with the lunchbox and four 512Cs rather than the 3124, and after careful consideration (along with the one channel failure), it was not too difficult a decision. It costs a bit more, but it is WELL worth it!