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Here for the gear
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Originally Posted by aussie_techie
ive had a WD go bad after a month, and ive had seagates last from a about 2 years to the stage of getting to small to use and ive had maxtor drives that have lasted a long time aswell. ive read godo and bad things about all drives.
all drives are going to fail, its impossible to know which to go for. i would stick WD seagate or maxtor. find which ever one you can get the best price on and has a good waranty. a good sata drive should be 3years, where as a PATA will usualy be a 1yr waranty.

pick one and be done with it.
I hear ya, it's just that I want this new setup to be as close to perfect as possible
I think I'll give Seagate a shot.

Thanks a lot